Straya Stickers – #3 Stickers in Aus

meet iOS.

Yeh nah oright.

A you beaut sticker app for iMessage.

Apple’s  #3 Favourite Sticker App, 2017

Says the people at Apple.

Pretty decent outcome if you ask me.

See the story on

But why?

I made this iOS sticker app for 2 reasons.

It came to me in a dream. YehNah not really, i just thought it would be a laugh.

There was a few spare days in between design contracts, so i took the opportunity to get my head around pushing an app live to the app store.

I knocked out about 50% of the drawings with a sharpie in 2 days, took a snap with my iPhone and coloured them in photoshop.

By the 4th image a style had developed that i was happy, with which continued with little change over the rest of the illustrations.

I put the bin chicken on a throw cushion as a joke. Someone bought it that same day, which i thought was weird and amusing.

Friends kept asking for the illustrations on t-shirts, so i threw a few on shirts and they started selling with basically no marketing.

I realised i was onto something.

VB 4X ashamed_med