my name is Luke.

I design beautiful & engaging experiences.

Based in Sydney, Australia.

Design, to me is not just visual, but how it feels, how it functions and how it solves a problem.

If you have a project you feel would be a good fit, lets talk.

Art direction, branding, 3d rendering & illustration for the exhibition ‘James Cameron – Challenging The Deep’.

It’s rare to be involved in a job with such great content, an amazing brief and actually creative clients. The holy trinity of design work.

A complex animation sequence controlled with a single swipe.

Concept to UX, Design Direction & Interaction Design. With the help of some very talented devs, storytelling on the 55″ 4k touchscreen was a massive success.

Website on a mobile device showing silly hipster names appearing - ancient grain bacon infused mixtape.

A startup out of San Francisco, building an app for for recording your daily memories.
UX, UI design, & branding

A you beaut ripper sticker pack for iOS.

Everything from sticker app dev, illustrations, branding to merchandising was my own ridiculous vision that seemed to pay off.

Charted at #1 for several months. Voted #3 best stickers by Apple

ConX – Measure

A Sydney based startup changing the way tradies measure & quote plans.
UX, UI design

A SaaS company i founded – A beautifully simple & versatile web app for presenting collections of images to clients.


Awesome clients

Luke Simshauser

Luke Simshauser

Designer / Entreprenerd

I do things like animation, compositing, colour grading and a bit of 3d here and there.

That’s the designer bit.

The entreprenerd bit. Well at night i do tech startup stuff like like landing page design, brushing up on my CSS & UX skills. All of this is good news for Refinery.io, my very own. super awesome web-app for creative folk like us! It’s a mood board/contact sheet client communication tool thats actually fun to use.