SBS Upfronts 2018

Every year, each of the Australian Television stations present their future offerings to major stakeholders for the year ahead.
I was tasked with exploring new ideas and concepts for the 2018 ‘Upfronts’.
Here are my explorations …

Camera Iris + Paper concept

In response to “SBS is a lens through which we view the world”
• Camera iris like motion, opening and closing to ‘see’ different genres and shows
• Fluid animation
• Bright colours, representing the diversity in the world

Block Vertical motion concept

Scrolling upwards to reveal each topic / genre
• Bold Colours • Strong motion

Paper layers concept

• Soft shadows
• Clean, uncluttered layout
• Soft, subtle motion
• closeup, bleeding of edge shapes, calling back to the logo

Gradient colour palettes

• 4 gradients for the main channel
• 3 for each of the subsequent sub-brands
Alternative Paper with more colour

SBS Food – Channel Specific Flavourings (*pun intended)

• Bold fresh colours
• Spicy stop motion style animation