– A SaaS Startup, From Concept to Launch

My second startup,, a beautifully simple & versatile web app for presenting collections of images to clients.

While i built this for graphic designer in broadcast & TVC land, it turned out useful across multiple domains like photography, casting agents & education

I founded & nurtured Refinery from idea to launch in 2013 with the help of some very talented developers; Scott Dixon, Alex Kumaila & Diego Trigo.

This was a steep learning curve, but incredibly valuable in terms of the skill growth in UX, Front End UI Design, CSS and of course all of the business lessons learned in running your own Software as a Service (SAAS) company.

The ‘feel’ of the app really drove the project.

It had to be a pleasure to use. Impossibly simple to use, ultra slick & smooth interactions.

Landing Page Design

Marketing Designs

Facebook Carousel

“The ‘feel’ of the app really drove the project.”